Who Is More Depressed: The Staff of the New York Sun vs. Alanis Morisette

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09/30/2008 12:01 PM |

The New York Sun will fold today after churning out one last issue, confirming weeks of rumors. Everyone finally got to write their gratuitous “The New York Sun Sets” headlines. Even Bloomberg participated in the metaphor-lovefest:

“The Sun shone brightly, though too briefly," the mayor said, calling the paper’s writers "smart, thoughtful, provocative."

On the up side, staffers will get to keep their health insurance until December, and they’ll be paid salaries through November. But, you know, bummer to the max. I hope they don’t read the Mediabistro messageboards — unless they want to die a little bit on the inside!

In other dead-inside news, Alanis Morisette is probably off sobbing
somewhere, and I kind of want to hug her in my head. Why so weepy?
Scarlett Johansson and Alanis’s former fiancé Ryan Reynolds wed at “a remote wilderness resort
outside Vancouver” on Saturday, according to US Weekly. For some reason, I’m not feeling
the two of them. Scar-Jo’s gotten kind of smug lately!

My thoughts are with you, jobless reporters and hella awesome “Ironic” lady-singer who I still respect even though your last album bombed. Just keep
your heads down and power through it.

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