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09/23/2008 1:34 PM |

Authors Judy Blume and Cecily von Ziegesar have lent their assistance to a new social networking site, YA for Obama. Yesterday, the site posted Blume’s feelings on the Democratic candidate. She says is the first time she’s ever publically expressed her personal politics, but that she’s “speaking out now because at last we have a candidate who makes me believe again.”

Whoever is elected in November is going to face a daunting challenge.
No one person can clean up the mess it took 7 and ½ years to create.
That’s why I want the calm, thoughtful candidate I believe will
surround himself with the best and the brightest. I believe the
decisions Obama makes will be made based on what’s best for this

I want a president who can make us proud as Americans. How great would
it be after 7 and ½ years to have an articulate leader, an eloquent
speaker, one who is not only willing to talk, but to listen? I believe
Obama will be that kind of president. Plus, he has a sense of humor. He
has two young daughters and a working wife. He’s smart. And let’s not
forget the magic. Nothing wrong with having the ability to connect with
people around the world –young, old, and in-between.

Blume keeps a personal blog as well, where you can read her thoughts about Sarah Palin and the RNC. She’s also scheduled to speak on Saturday, Oct 4 at the 92nd Street Y. Tickets are currently sold-out, but a limited number may be made available an hour beforehand.

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