By All Means Let Us Rewrite the Rules for our Dear Leader

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10/01/2008 9:00 AM |

Ew, gross, Bloomberg wants a third term as mayor so he can still be a publicly elected official come the 2012 elections, while not having to live in freaking Albany.

This is good, it’s good when we suspend executive term limits so an extremely wealthy pandering populist doesn’t have to step down when his cult of personality is at its peak.

In his announcement, Mr. Bloomberg, a former Wall Street trader and founder of a billion-dollar financial data firm, is expected to argue that the financial crisis unfolding in New York City demands his steady hand and proven business acumen.

Yes, just like we needed Giuliani to stay on after 9/11 lest we live in fear without his symbolic leadership, help us Daddy Warbucks, where will we be without you.