CMJ: Day Three Picks

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10/23/2008 9:00 AM |

Yep, CMJ‘s still going on. As per usual the magazine’s picks overlap considerably with my tastes, especially the show at Pianos featuring, at 11pm and midnight respectively, labelmates CaUSE Co-motion! — who’re about to put out a 14-song, 21-minute collection of their early lo-fi wall-of-sound micromelodies — and Crystal Stilts, who’re druggy and bluesy (sometimes almost dirgelike), like a Jesus and Mary Chain biting a completely different strand of American music.

There’s also, at Union Hall, Steve Burns (and The Struggle), or, if you prefer (and why not, everyone seems to), “that guy who used to be on Blue’s Clues.” And who also, it should be noted, makes exuberantly kiddish, slickly produced indie pop songs.