Crisis Time Romance

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10/10/2008 4:30 PM |

Remember when all those New Yorkers who dumped each other got back together after 9/11? I Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. Whether this Greatest Depression of ours is going to have a similar effect on this city’s reckless, love-starved population.

So while others would like to hear your generalized tales of economic and job woe, I’d seriously be fascinated (trust me, I live for this stuff) by your wonky overshares about the rest of it. You know, relationships, hah! Maybe because you just need to rant and you can’t afford to see your shrink anymore?

No, but seriously, have these Dark Days of Wall Street prompted you to
reconnect with your ex or pseudo-ex or maybe-almost person or fuck
buddy? Is it all beautiful and perfect now? Hmm, perhaps it’s just the
opposite: Did things suddenly just get really serious because your S.O.
just lost his or her job, and you feel too damn guilty to leave them?
Did you suggest moving in together, not because you want
to, but because it would help cut costs?! Did you break up with your
boyf or lady so you coud enjoy being single now that everyone might be
looking to get all hedonistic instead of playing it special and safe? I
dunno, just tell me stories in the comments or email
them to me. I won’t use anything for personal or professional gain
unless you say it’s okay. Or, maybe I’ll just clutch them to the place
where my heart used to be and hope we don’t all die alone. OMG KTHX in

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  • Not exactly what you’re looking for, but I have this weird, kind of excited notion of tramping across the country with my wife, his and her bindles slung back over our shoulders, grifting, dodging, weaving, but happy in our stubborn “us vs. the world” mindset.

    But I always have that notion. “Spare some change?” (As she sneaks the wallet from your pocket.)