Dear God What Is Happening?: A Post About Events That Are Happening Tonight

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10/14/2008 9:00 AM |

Events like the tribute to Bruce Conner, at your friendly neighborhood upstart experimental film venue Light Industry. Conner, you’ll recall, is the seminal cine-collage artist (and visual artist and photographer and music video director) who died this summer; tonight, something like two dozen experimental filmmakers (you might not know their names but if you do you know they’re big deals on Madonna Street) will present new “works inspired by and in tribute of Conner.”

Also tonight, Direct Arts — “a new, progressive, intercultural theater and film company, dedicated to promoting and producing plays and films that explore the intersection of different cultures” — has a new monthly series, Take Two, focusing on film and theater, and tonight at Jimmy’s No. 43, Take Two presents the short film The Projectionist, about China’s Cultural Revolution, and a reading of Emma, Howard Zinn’s 1975 play about the anarchist Emma Goldman. The reading will be “accompanied by a klezmer violin virtuoso,” so, um… um.