Diplo’s Perspiration Parade

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10/23/2008 12:30 PM |

I don’t consider myself a DJ or mp3 jockey expert by any means, but lordy lord I love me some Diplo: he just brings fun. I can’t get enough of this video of his turn at the packed Middle East downstairs in Cambridge, MA, where one hour of homeboy’s set is condensed into just under four and a half minutes. (Gosh I wish I’d been there, or at least at Webster Hall last week, oh bitter regret!) Check out the girl in the front of the stage who is literally going apeshit, and all the people swinging shirts over their heads. You can practically see the sweat in the air. It is eww and it is awesome. Can you imagine what a shower would feel like after a night like this?

Now, if Jens “The Singing WTF DJ” Lekman had pulled this off on Tuesday, it would have been a whole other story.

[Via On the Download]