Fun and Games

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10/03/2008 1:00 PM |

TGIF, everybody. Did you get drunk watching the debate last night? Are you hungover right now because you were studiously attempting to numb yourself to the irksome things Sarah Palin said? (“Gosh darn!”) Hey, do you think you’d be inebriated all the time if they won the–nevermind! Yay! Here are a few Palin-themed activities to while away the hours till quitting time: wonder what fun surprises next week will bring. Anything is possible!

Begin by cross-referencing the Times‘s astute analysis with this Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart. You are getting ejumacated!

Move on to a leisurely afternoon game of Polar Palin: You can blow up oil rigs and campaign military tanks!

Get cracking on your Palin Halloween costume, if you haven’t already selected one of these horrorshows. Wear it out tonight if you feel daring and up to meeting some nice new people.