In Rainbows’ First Anniversary Reveals Totally Obvious Things

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10/15/2008 11:00 AM |

The NME has a top story up today about my beloved Radiohead, whose daring “Pay whatever the hell you want, wankers, whether you get In Rainbows for a forking penny or you blow twenty pounds on it, you’ll be spending an exorbitant amount on our live concerts, hah hah hah, have you read Gravity’s Rainbow yet, because we all have, bollocks, bee’s knees, we’re so British and awesome, time to drink” payment model caused quite the stir when the record was released last October. Guess what? They made a lot of money by letting you get away with downloading it for free. Yes, I told myself I was “saving” for t-shirts and posters, too!

Even given the amount of downloading from Bit Torrent sites, which the band expected and planned for, the experiment was completely profitable. Er, maybe too much, considering Yorke & Co. seemed rather miffed that their chosen payment model, not the music, became the story…of course, they would find that irritating. Anyway, according to Music Ally:

So how many did they shift? Well, according to Dyball there were a
total of three million album purchases including the box sets, CDs and
all downloads including iTunes and pay-what-you-like downloads via
their official site. That’s an incredible number, given that their
previous three albums sold in the low hundreds of thousands.

In other Radiohead news, Thom Yorke has teame up with Bjork on her forthcoming single ‘Nautica,’ which will be released next week. Glory days!

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