It’s Halloween

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10/31/2008 9:00 AM |

To piggyback on Jesse’s scary movie post from yesterday, I should mention that there’s Nosferatu (the version where Klaus Kinski wears not very much makeup) at IFC Center , and the Satanic it-came-from-within queasefest Rosemary’s Baby at Film Forum.

But, really now, those movies are playing through Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, and it’s Halloween, so just head down to the West 4th stop, where the parade is, it’s too much of a clusterfuck not too. I suppose most bars will have DJs tonight, I’m not really the person you want to ask about which ones you should go to. I will, however, mention how much I love the fact that there is a Misfits cover band playing its 5th annual Arlene’s Grocery Halloween show.

If you’re going to commit to doing something in a neighborhood where you can’t just walk a minute to someplace else if the first place sucks, I should also mention that you will want to descend upon/avoid like the plague the remote Very Outer Williamsburg locale Silent Barn, where the artist Nate Hill, who makes people out of dead animals, will be making a person out of dead animals, and there will be free beer.

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  • Free pizza and beer at Two Booth Pioneer theater screening of Night of the Living Dead. And Ken Russell in person at Anthology for The Devils. I think that just about covers it.