King Bloomberg III

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10/01/2008 11:02 AM |

You gotta hand it to Hizzoner, rising to the occasion (floating to the surface?), Giuliani-style, during a New York crisis to make a deft little power grab…And while I find his mix of rampant-yet-somehow-decorous capitalism and City Hall moralizing abhorrent, I must admit he seems like FDR next to our current gang of national "leaders." After the jump, a video horrorshow of American exceptionalism.

John McCain Having a Stroke in Persian

Sarah Palin, Omniverous Reader

Nancy Pelosi, Uniting Congress at a Time of Crisis

Barney Frank, Mocking His Colleagues at a Time of Crisis

Joe "Gaffetronic 3000" Biden, Being Himself

…and, special bonus classic bloopers, Yer Preznit