Literary Formal

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10/17/2008 1:10 PM |

Comes late word that author, humorist and friend-of-the-L Ben Greenman is reading tonight at the National Arts Club, which we’ll get to, from his dewy-fresh forthcoming book Correspondences, a letter-press project featuring epistolary, some of it interactive (it’s complicated, check out the link, but the story from it that I’ve heard was good — funny in places but mostly glancingly specific). Also reading is the long-dead reporter and Communist John Reed, played by Warren Beatty in Reds, presenting his All The World’s A Grave: A New Play by William Shakespeare.

So, the National Arts Club is a fancy Gramercy institution with a dress code. Classy! The “suggested dress code” is here, you will note that the “code is strictly encouraged,” which — strictly encouraged? — is pretty passive-aggressive, for a dress code, I think. Anyway, it’s fun to dress up for literature, you should more often. Just last weekend I rented a tuxedo (vest, not cummerbund) to leaf through my trade paperback copy of Forward, Gunner Asch!*

(Since the reading info does not appear to be on the Nat’l A.C. website, I will add that the reading is at 7pm, plenty of time to go home and change, since I’m guessing your job does not understand this “business casual” business.)

* I know, right?