Manicures! Facials! Pedicures! Massages!

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10/08/2008 10:52 AM |

So, a week after the government led by Dear Leader W. blew a big chuck of your mattress money bailing out AIG to try to avoid future fuckuppery (oops!), executives went on a retreat at a luxury resort and spent a total of $443,343.71. No golden parachutes? Pshaw!

Yeah, too bad the economy horror-show and 22-hour news cycles can’t save the Gray Lady’s Metro section. Or the Wall Street Journal‘s online staff. Sigh sad hug.

But look, more books to read and help you cry yourself to an uncomfortable sleep sometime soon! According to Publisher’s Lunch, WSJ reporter Mike Hudson sold “a narrative expose of
the rise and fall of the subprime mortgage industry, from the ‘boiler
room’ lenders of Orange County to the investment bankers who played a
shell game with the risky debt.” And oohhh, the Times‘ Eduardo Porter pitched and sold Pricing It: How We Price and Misprice Life, the Universe, and Everything. Hah hah, nice title, guy! We’re all gonna die clutching some soup cans. But it’s okay, because JOHN MCCAIN IS EVERYONE’S COLLECTIVE BFF, FRIENDS OF FRIENDS AND MY FRIENDS! We can just relax now, ZOMG.