Not Everyone’s An Author: Hugh Hewitt Still Searching for Publisher (Hopefully Forever)

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10/09/2008 5:00 PM |

Oh Lawd, the Dow is in free-fall, but hey, at least the world has a chance of escaping the publication of an enlightening tome tentatively titled How Sarah Palin Won the Election… and Saved America. According to the Observer, conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt and his literary agent Curtis Yates pitched the book to New York publishers last week. Praise be, they didn’t bite. Hewitt explained:

“The idea was to tell the story behind the effect that Sarah Palin
has had on this election and how it is and why it is that she has
basically turned the election around for McCain and why it is that she
is resonating with so many people in the country,” he said. “The intent
was to finish the book by a week after the election, and to have it out
before the inauguration.”

Well, there’s definte possibility (and room on everyone’s bookshelf!) for a book about the effect gosh darn Sar-Pal has had on this here election. Although, it’s probably only going to get picked up at auction with a decent advance if it’s written in recipe-book style, divided into sections like “How To Grill The Perfect MSM Moose Burger,” “Oh, A Huntin’ For Bear and Foreign Policy Experience We’ll Go!,” and my personal fave, “Magic Maverick Nap-Time Soup.” You can even package it with the doll at right. So perf — great holiday bookstore table gimmicks, etc. Will someone please make sure this happens?