Out Now: The L Magazine’s CMJ Music Issue

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10/15/2008 12:30 PM |

On Tuesday, October 21, the entire independent music galaxy will descend upon New York City for the CMJ Music Marathon, your chance to see all the new bands everyone is or will be talking about stand in line outside Cake Shop as press and industry badge-holders are waved inside to see the new band everyone is or will be talking about. Yeah, it’s kind of a clusterfuck, but it’s a fun one. So we have fun with this issue.

  • There is of course our insightful, lively night-by-night rundown of the Marathon, which features a record-setting microreviews of new bands per column inches ratio. (And pick up next Wednesday’s issue for complete night-by-night listings, to carry around in your pocket as you show-hop around the city.)
  • One of those bands, incidentally, is the terrifically pop-postpunk Vivian Girls, with whom we have an interview. And, in the reviews section, there’s the ambivalent-but-awesome The Clash: Live at Shea Stadium, and we direct your attention to a couple of mysterious, free-to-download EPs you should really check out.
  • Plus, the return of the ever-popular Name Game, in which Mike Conklin, Lauren Beck and Sharon review nine obscure CMJ bands, based solely upon their silly, silly names. (Like: Cut Off Your Hands, and, my favorite, Tiger! Tiger! Shit! Tiger!)

Elsewhere in the magazine, Ollie Stone’s W. is pretty much a meaningless exercise in meaninglessness, Nicolas Rapold reports; the bar and restaurant reviews are of a bar and restaurant you will want to go, after reading their reviews; and the Conscientious Objector begins with: “Personally, I think that anyone who has uttered the words "Drill, baby, drill" and meant them should be barred from any public office above PTA recording secretary,” which, yes. All that, and more.