Out Now: The L Magazine’s Election Issue

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10/22/2008 11:57 AM |

Working at a weekly everything is likely to change a dozen times between when you start working on a feature and when it’s off newsstands, so we’re taking a bit of a long view and running down the fun new purple colors on the electoral map — why are Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia and North Carolina joining Florida and Ohio (but not Pennsylvania or New Hampshire or Michigan) as swing states? (If this issue came out a week later we might have even done West Virginia or North Dakota…

So, we run down the old and new swingers, taking a look at the demographic changes and economic factors altering the landscape of the American electorate.

Plus, we get out the vote — contributor Musa Gurnis presents a diary of an early October Sunday spent registering voters in North Philadelphia. (And Benjamin Sutton runs down all the things you — yes, you! — can still do to make more of a difference than your vote will.

Elsewhere in the magazine, cabbies talk about Bloomberg’s third term and the Conscientious Objector takes heart in the environmentally responsible decisions forced upon us by the Awesome Great New Depression.

Plus, Michael Joshua Rowin raves about the movie to end all movies, Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York; Popscene talks about naked Britney Spears and cheesy synthpop and arena rap, the former bassist for the Sugarcubes wrote a hella good book, and Harry Potter is naked and apparently quite good in Equus.

All that and complete CMJ listings, to carry around in your pocket as you hop from show to show. Pick us, please! (Up. Pick us up.)