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10/29/2008 1:15 PM |

Well, today’s new issue of The L Magazine is a double issue, out through November 11th. This is, we think, a good thing, because otherwise we would have a new issue out the day after the election, and nobody in our office wants to come up with that issue’s cover, so whew. So instead we’ll look a little forward and a little back, and a little at random stuff, it’ll be fun!

Like the fun we had imagining who will actually end up running the country fairly soon. In our fantasy cabinets, we imagine the bipartisan compromise cabinet, ideal cabinet, and Krazy Kelebrity Kabinet (4tehlulz!) (I don’t know what that phrase means?) for both McCain and Obama. For what it’s worth, our speculation about Gates, Hagel, Daschle and a former Clinton Treasury Sec (though we went with Rubin) is echoed in the current, much less funny New York cover story, so, um, so there.

Plus, a couple of timely online exclusives: Chris Mathias runs down 10 recent political books that you can read, and then quote around people who haven’t read them, so that they think you’re as smart as Babs Ehrenreich or Joe Stiglitz. And!, our how-the-other-half-lives correspondent Jessica Hall sits in on a recent meeting of downtown New York City’s remaining Yippies, as they brainstorm helpful (and silly) ways out of the Great New Depression.

Another way out of the Depression? Dating! Specifically, NPR-sponsored dating. Ever wondered what goes on at “singles events”? Read Jamie Peck’s embedded account, and wonder no more, or continue to wonder because presumably they’re all different.

Plus, Laurel Pinson runs down the best and worst style moments of the election, and confesses, “Cindy McCain scares the bejesus out of me,” which is: correct. Meanwhile, the Conscientious Objector applauds the Obamas for adopting a shelter dog, and Audrey Ference, The Natural Redhead talks about internet porn, sort of. And more, pick us up and hold us close, close to your heart.

Secretary of Plumbing, ha ha, we are hilarious.