Recommended: Brooklyn Indie Market

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10/27/2008 2:00 PM |

On Saturday afternoon, the Brooklyn Indie Market converted itself into a Circus of the Steampunks: half a dozen tables were set up under the festive red-and-white-striped tent on Smith and Union St to showcase anachronistic bric-a-brac, quaint Victorian-themed threads, and jewelery made out of doll’s heads (seriously cool). Plus, tarot readings! And vintage-y decorated cupcakes!

The space was admittedly small and crowded, but the wares were wonderful — from delicate heart necklaces by Rebecca Shepard to some fantastic deconstructed pieces by Sylvia Holden. If you were in Carroll Gardens this weekend, in desperate need of a pair of brass goggles, “The Grand Chrono’nauts Tea” was definitely the place to be. A few more pictures are after the jump, and again, click here for more info about the designers. If you missed them at the market, you can always find them on Etsy.