Saturday’s Video of the Day: Mike Leigh’s Naked

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10/18/2008 12:00 AM |

Have you guys seen Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky yet? Do so, soon.

One way you might do this is tomorrow night at Scandinavia House, where the Museum of the Moving Image is hosting a Weekend with Mike Leigh. Tomorrow evening at 5, they’ll show Happy-Go-Lucky and Leigh will be there to talk about it with New York’s David Edelstein, but tonight they’re showing his masterpiece, Naked in which David Thewlis snarls, chomps, pontificates and narrates his own divine comedy tour through London lowlife; Leigh’s gray-grubbed palette and variously angry and resigned characters suggest paranoia as a psychological outgrowth of working-class English stagnation. Dear god is this movie just alive, it never takes a scene off.

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  • How bizarre–I would associate Viagra with “Happy-Go-Lucky” more than “Naked.”

    (Love “Naked,” seeing “Happy-Go-Lucky” tonight.)