Senior Citizen Jailed for Brown Lawn

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10/15/2008 1:00 PM |

Oh, what a wonderful world! Today’s Post introduces us to Joseph Prudente, a registered retired nurse who is behind on mortgage payments for his Florida home. Keeping his lawn in pristine condition wasn’t his priority — he was busy trying to keep the bank from foreclosing on his house — but the local civic association targeted him because there were some unsightly bare patches in his yard. So Prudente kind of just ignored them. Then, a judge found him in contempt of court, and then he got thrown in the clink:

“I didn’t want cops to come to my house,” he said. “I didn’t want my wife and grandkids to see grandpa being hauled away.”

Sympathetic neighbors who learned of Prudente’s plight got together to secure his release.

Andy Law, a former Marine who used to live in the complex, said he was upset that Prudente was put behind bars.

“What kind of world are we living in when we’re putting senior citizens in jail for having a brown lawn?” asked Law.

With Law’s help – and that of a few volunteers – the sprinklers were fixed and a new lawn installed.

So, when do we start stealing from milk from toddlers and looting non-profits? Cause that’ll be fun.