Someone Else Made This So That You Don’t Have To: Attack of the Mavericks!

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10/31/2008 12:00 PM |

Someone Else Made This So That You Don’t Have To provides me with the excuse to troll the bowels of DIY marketplace for amazing things fashioned out of dust by by whimsical indie-rock fairy queens! The kid that eat babies.

Happy All Hallows Eve, etc! Now, do you want to master the power of giving other people goosebumps? I’m not talking the cute, R.L. Stine kind, I mean the sort of awful tinglies that spread all over your flesh after you stare at fifty clown-killer pictures, go over your tax/401K papers, and then attempt to “calm” yourself by watching an episode of Beverly Hills: 90210 the new class without once looking away.

All this can be accomplished in one easy step if you purchase the terrible yet incredible “Attack of the Mavericks” poster at right. “But careful, John McCain will clearly steal your soul…” warns seller/artist kahlaw. Indeed: note the shit-eating grin combined with the insidious light-filled pinpricks in his eyes. I feel like he might come bumbling right out of the picture, grabbing at my face and calling me MY FRIEND.

Sar-Pal looks utterly approachable, though, which may just be the scariest thing of all.