Someone Else Made This So You Don’t Have To: Joe the Plumber Beer Pitcher

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10/17/2008 9:30 AM |

Someone Else Made This So That You Don’t Have To provides me with the excuse to troll the bowels of DIY marketplace for amazing things fashioned out of dust by by whimsical indie-rock fairy queens! Because even old, washed up terrorists and those ACORN people need a place to shop.

This hand-thrown speckled cream stoneware piece by seller jutavil is being pushed as a Joe The Plumber Beer Pitcher. And it’s on Temporary Bail-Out Sale! Indeed, “Joe deserves a COLD ONE!” Truly, madly, deeply.

juatvil is going to stimulate the economy with her kiln!

THIS IS A TEMPORARY SALE PRICE reflecting 20% off the Original Price!
I am experimenting with this pricing and do not plan on leaving these prices alone. So if you are interested, buy now… I am trying to personally jump start the economy! The New President can thank me later!

A mere $38.40. One in stock. You’re a rich man, Joe! Gramps McCain said so about 26 times! Help a girl out, why don’t you?