Speidi in the Tank for McCain/Palin

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10/24/2008 12:00 PM |

Perk up your ears, bitters, because The Hills are alive with yet another ringing McCain/Palin endorsement! It is wonderful that people like professional MTV evil troublemakers Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have the freedom to organize these oh-so-candid photoshoots of themselves tooling around LA. Where, you know, they just so happen to be dressed up in tightly-fitting campaign t-shirts, touting a six-pack and a rifle. Perhaps Spencer should be added to McCain’s fantasy cabinet? He is quite the young firecracker, look at how he can read intellectual texts while sucking face with his blow-up doll lady. Don’t smear your makeup, Heidi, or the Maverick will make fun of you! He knows you gotta DIY when he gets a professional job done.

[Via Just Jared]