Steal This Economy

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10/30/2008 3:40 PM |

“‘The solution is ridiculously simple. Instead of currency based on gold, back your currency with electrical energy.’ Josh suggests another solution to the crisis is to localize food production, distribution and consumption. This could be achieved, he explains, by networking with food coops and gardens upstate to transport food on barges via the Hudson River. This was done in the old days, he points out, by mules, but suggests that this time we should ‘put a whole bunch of Republicans in harness and get them to pull barges.’"

The New York Chapter of the Yippies — the Youth International Party, the activists/bohemians/dropout pranksters of the 60s and beyond — met up at the beginning of the month to talk about the economy, and what then we are to do about it. Our Street Stories correspondent Jessica Hall tagged along; you can read the rest of her report here.