Street Stories NYC: “So, what’s the difference between McCain and Obama?”

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10/27/2008 3:15 PM |

This is contributor Jessica Hall’s weekly column, in which she
interviews the street and homeless people she meets around the city.

If I were to be honest, I would say that I enjoy being with Roger because he thinks I’m Wonder Woman. The last time I saw him was in the park. It was spring, and I was sitting on a bench under the trees when he appeared with a duffle bag full of Budweisers. He didn’t remember that I had interviewed him previously, but he did want to know what I did with my golden lasso.

Roger had been staying at the Bowery Mission. He is still homeless. He left the Mission and is currently sleeping on the steps of a church in lower Manhattan.

I recently ran into him where I met him, at the entrance to the 6 train at Astor Place, panhandling. He was very interested in talking about the upcoming election and the presidential candidates.

Roger Dennis, 38

So, what’s the difference between McCain and Obama?

The major difference between John McCain and Obama is the spiritual base, what I mean by spiritual base is Obama’s family, his father and mother, are very powerful. The only thing is, Obama, his parents might assume him, his mother and father may kill him by accident.

The thing I like about Obama is I can understand everything he says and how he says it. The only thing I think he doesn’t understand is people who support him can only do so much for him. If his power consumes him, is that our fault?

Obama is a hero in ways that are based on how his parents raised him. He only sees life in one way and one way only. You can’t corrupt his point of view, you can’t corrupt him and all that hard work, you can’t invest him with poverty and you can’t corrupt his system because that’s Barack Obama.

If McCain wins there will be bloodshed. There will be violence. There will be death and destruction.

I’m not trying to talk about McCain in a negative way like he’s not a peaceful person; I’m just trying to talk about the energies and where they stand. Based upon his external self, it’s war. Obama is very peaceful. He’ll be very peaceful. There won’t be no fighting to resolve issues. No violence.

You know, like you, when you are in your superhero mode everyone likes you and you can do no wrong.

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