Stuff I’m __ing: Ben Gibbard’s ‘Complicated’

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10/31/2008 4:00 PM |

I could listen to Avril Lavigne belt her ball-busting pop-punk paens day long! But many sane individuals think this amazing singer-songwriter, married to Sum 41’s spikey-haired Deryck Whibley, is quite possibly the anti-Christ! (See the effusive comments in this vintage Stereogum post.) Here, I offer you Ben Gibbard’s wonderful cover of ‘Complicated,’ which I’ve been obsessively listening to for the past 48-hours. I hope it is the highlight of your Halloween-day.

“Life’s like this, you” are lyrics — and words — to live by. The priceless thing about this cover is Gibby’s flawless mimicry of Avril’s Canadian accent. It happens exactly at minute 2:10, on the word “pose.”

And no, it isn’t all that complicated at all. It is, in fact, rather cut and dry, etc. But O God it’s an awesome song.