The Deadline for Voter Registration in New York is This Friday, October 10

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10/07/2008 2:15 PM |

Here. Follow the instructions for walk-in or (express at this point) mail-in registration here. If you know anybody who is not registered to vote, send them this link, and walk them down to the registration place before end-of-day Friday.

Or, sayeth the L’s Nightlife Editor Zachary Palmer, take them to Le Royale tonight, where the nice people running a “Barack the Vote” party will be registering new voters, and collecting suggested donations (on top of the cover at the door) for to benefit the Obama campaign. There’ll be a silent auction, also to benefit the campaign; there’ll and DJs and dancing to benefit you, and an open bar for an hour starting at 8pm, to benefit the whole debate-watching process when 9pm rolls around.

Oh, right, the debate tonight. Enjoy that, everyone. This is the Town Hall debate featuring undecided voters, right? God, I hate average Americans, especially ones who don’t know who they’re going to vote for. Who’s excited to watch Obama spout platitudinous talking points as his way of holding ground while questioners hammer McCain on the economy? Good times, good times.

Register to vote if you haven’t.