The McCain Campaign Doesn’t Endorse This

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10/20/2008 4:15 PM |

While Amy Pohler was rehearsing for her big rap debut, the American News Project captured a group of McCain supporters gathering in Woodbridge, Virginia for a rally. In attendance was a gentleman passing out “Obama for Change” stickers with an Islamic crescent moon and a Commnist hammer and sickle. Obama is a Muslim, and a socialist, he said. He refused to give his name.

His ignorance made things more than a little bit awkward when a young woman at the rally — a pro-McCain Muslim — told him she was going to change her vote because of what he was doing. An official McCain spokesman, also a Muslim, stepped in to denounce Dumb Sticker Man’s behavior. The pay-off comes at the end, when a bespectacled Nutty Sticker Lady grimaces at the thought of having her words distorted by the liberal media. Kind of like having your religious and political ties distorted, hmm?

[via Radar]