The Rachel Maddow Phenomenon Rolls On

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10/21/2008 11:30 AM |

Every nutty liberal’s favorite non-pundit pundit who likes to mix up vintage cocktails and doesn’t even own a television set is particularly beloved by the Gray Lady these days. I think they’re actually casting her as the non-pundit pundit version of Tina Fey. They’re both unfuckwithable, strong, funny, fantastic females. Except, er, they just lurve referring to Maddow as a “fresh face.” Think of something else, duders!

On September 24, Alessandra Stanley penned a TV Watch column dubbing Maddow “A Fresh Face Amid Cable Schoolboys.” Over the weekend, the New York Times Magazine ran this Domains Q&A, “A Pundit in the Country,” that made everyone go “Ohh, she is so fun and charming.” (Maddow did not, unsurprisingly, refer to herself as a “fresh face,” although she does have glowing skin in the adorbs photograph of her hugging her dog! And man, she has a lot of bookshelves — I bet she actually READ most of the bound-paper things sitting on them!) Today, Brian Seltzer of the Times wrote a Maddow-themed television piece titled, “A Fresh Face on Cable, Sharp Rise in Ratings,” which once again chronicles the swift ascent of The Rachel Maddow Show.

So what’s next? Well, she’ll probably be on the cover of some magazines, soon, after which she’ll maybe guest-star on SNL (hopefully Fey will be there too, playing Palin, so they can cook up some funnies). Then, perhaps an eleventy billion dollar rumored book deal advance, followed by an actual book deal advance. But interesting thing about both Fey and Maddow: neither one of them has jumped the shark. They have won the hype game. It must be cool being them.