Thursday List: All Apologies

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10/09/2008 12:10 PM |

Today, like many of my people, I’m not eating as a way of atoning for my sins of the past year, the less fun part of our annual ethical binge-and-purge. (Sharon is not, she says, because she’s an anxiety eater and the world is going to hell, thus lots of anxiety.)

Manchester, so much to answer for, this Thursday’s List is like a mixtape that you make to send to your boyfriend, or your girlfriend, or god, to say that you’ve messed up and wish to make amends:

Hüsker Dü, “I Apologize”
For a while “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” was going to be on here, but then I realized that song is the bug and the Huskers are the land-speed-record-setting windshield, so, yeah.

OutKast, “Ms. Jackson”
“Look hard at the universe of hip-hop since 1978 and you won’t find a lot of records that say “I’m sorry,'” wrote Sasha Frere-Jones about this song, once, back when he still had opinions.

Billy Bragg, “This Guitar Says Sorry”

Oh, so is that like the singer-songwriter version of people who can only really express what they feel through hand puppets like in He’s a Woman, She’s a Man?

Feist, “So Sorry”
Oh, Feist, you know we could never stay mad at you.

Galaxie 500, “Sorry”
More sad hits.

Magnetic Fields, “I’m Sorry I Love You”

Actually, this is maybe not the best one to plead your case; I’m never quite sure Stevie Merritt means what he says when he says something seemingly in earnest.

Sorry Again, Velocity Girl
Yeah, and we (well, Mike Conklin, mostly) are still sorry about the mainstream success that eluded you, that wasn’t really fair of the world.

Apology Accepted, Go-Betweens
Yeah, we’re getting to the end of the list here.

Wolf Parade, “Grounds for Divorce”
Obviously I just searched my iTunes library for “sorry” and and “forgive” and “apolog”, and obviously the entirety of Apologies for the Queen Mary came up. This one seemed to best fit the theme.

Black Kids, “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You”