Thursday List: Halloween Costumes (Or Just One Costume, Actually, Sorry)

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10/30/2008 10:30 AM |

Aside from being on a Friday, this All Hallow’s Eve comes on the eve of a presidential election. This tweaks the usual default mode of “slutty” — Slutty Librarian, say — or “slutty and topical” — Slutty Daniel Plainview, or some other icon from the entertainment industry. Because politics is the biggest draw in entertainment right now, and to ignore it would seem weird and trivial. So. Though we’ll be seeing plenty of hipsters drawing a backwards B on their faces at the last minute, and so many Sarah Palins you’ll want to vomit (and at least one Bill Ayers), my friends, there is only Halloween costume that truly fits the bill…

Slutty Joe Biden.

Get yourself a flagkini, a high-powered rifle, some hair plugs, you’ll be all set.

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