Tina Fey and Economists Are Going To Save the Publishing Industry

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10/01/2008 11:30 AM |

The Post reports that publishers are jonesin’ for everyone’s favorite Palin doppelganger, Tina Fey, to finally write a damn book about why she will never jump the shark and what it’s like being the contemporary standard for nerd-hot. One anonymous house wants to give her $5 million to do it, holy pwhoar. And yet, Fey is too busy pretending to be the lady who can see Russia from her house and churning out 30 Rock episodes to deal with the gigantic pile of money the literary folks want to throw at her.

But straight out of Publisher’s Lunch Weekly comes news of four red-hot new deals that all focus on the behind-the-scenes fuckuppery that led to our fiscal apocalypse. Huzzah! Forthcoming titles such as Roger Lowenstein’s The Day That Shook the World and Hocus Pocus by the Times‘s national economics correspondent Peter Goodman should give you an idea of the recreational reading you have to look forward to. Note to the “creative underclass”: now would be an excellent time to get brainstorming about creative ways to milk this horrific debacle. Especially since Fey’s still holding out on us.

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