Trend Spotting: A Very Literary Halloween

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10/17/2008 4:31 PM |

Remember American Apparel’s utterly creative costume suggestions on how to slut it up this Halloween? Whose mother DOESN’T want her to dress up as a 90s Teen Pregger, complete with short-shorts and a faux baby-bump? Well, now AA has gone and invited their loyal customer base to submit photos of their AA-incorporated costumes. And some of them are actually pretty amazing.

You’ve got your Amy Winehouses, your Converse-clad superheroes, and even a “Lady” (this really is a novel idea, considering), sure, but I think the group-Thanksgiving costume is my favorite so far. Not just because that awesome girl in the foreground is wearing a TURKEY ON HER HEAD. It’s because it just struck me that this would be the perfect costume tie-in to Sarah Vowell’s latest tome, The Wordy Shipmates! There are tons of literary-themed Halloween parties happening in the next few weeks (more on those in due time) and I invite you/beg you to tell me whether you happen to have chosen a fictional character/plot/book-themed get-up in the comments.

I will be attempting (not pulling off, obvs, because nobody can, but you know, I’ll just be trying really hard and have resigned myself to probably VROOM F FAIL) this, mostly because I’m unhealthily obsessed and basically will lunge at any excuse I have to wear fake pearls and carry an empty coffee cup as a prop.

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