Trend Spotting: Blink Bling

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10/22/2008 5:15 PM |

I learned quite a bit from this week’s Observer article about “Blink Bling,” that is, eyelash and eyebrow enhancement. Namely, that certain women in our fine city who go in for permanent eye-makeup tattoos don’t just do it for themselves — they do it for their new foxy boy-toys! What, oh god what, would happen if your amazing new Dude ran screaming from the bedroom, not because of the mediocre morning sex, but because you DIDN’T HAVE MASCARA ON ZOMG EEEP WHA?:

"It’s a trend but also a huge convenience for women who don’t want to
spend most of their time in the morning making their brows look perfect
or trying to apply eyeliner," Ms. Kernahan said. "One of my younger
clients had a new boyfriend and she didn’t want this new guy to see her
in the morning without makeup, She wanted to wake up looking fresh."

I understand that New York harbors a very competetive dating “scene,” hah, but calling this sort of thing unecessary seems like a hysterical understatement to me. How young is this “younger client,” I wonder? Because srsly, you can look “fresh” like Rachel Maddow without paying someone to squirt a needle filled with ink in a place not far from your precious cornea. Here are some excellent tips, also, just a thought, drink lots of water, don’t get overly crunk the night before, pretend you are happy, etc.

Elsewhere, the Washington Post reveals that Presidential candidate John McCain spent nearly nine grand on his own personal make-up artist! Kindred spirits.