Trend Spotting: Fashion-Gate!

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10/28/2008 12:30 PM |

At first, Sarah Palin pretended to ignore the swirling commentary surrounding her $150,000 RNC-subsidized wardrobe, even when other Republicans called the numbers “embarrassing” and the Times‘s Eric Wilson got Glamour editrix Cindi Leive on the record, saying “Honey, I could have dressed you for a lot less than that.” Zing! It’s hah-hah because it’s true. Where is Rachel Zoe when someone truly needs her and her photographic-gown memory?

But as we near the End Times, or, whatever, last few days of this campaign, Palin felt the need to get her digs in at a rally in Florida. She said she couldn’t wait to give back the fancy duds so that she could get back to shopping at Out of the Closet, her fave hometown consignment shop. Um, guess she didn’t realize she’d be bringing a lawsuit upon the store in the process. WWD reports (and offers this fabulous photo of Palin and a very cute Target pup — are those real, FUR mits? Hi, PETA!):

Unfortunately for the Alaskan shop, Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare
Foundation has operated charity resale stores under the same name in
California and Florida since 1990. It registered the moniker as a
trademark in 1997. In a teleconference Monday, the group, which
describes itself as the nation’s largest HIV and AIDS nonprofit, said
it sent a cease and desist letter to the Anchorage store. It also
threatened a trademark suit if it wasn’t appeased, and invited Palin to
donate her campaign wardrobe to its own Out of the Closet operations
after the election.

Oh dear, just when you thought Fashion-Gate couldn’t get any more ridiculous! Please, though, let’s take a step back, because we’re supposed to be talking about the ISSUES, people, insists The View‘s Elizabeth Hasselbeck in Palin’s defense — not sexist matters such as what a Veep candidate wears. That’s silly and unecessary and wastes the time we could be using to spread vicious rumors about that socialist-loving terrorist friend Barack Obama and his terrible, terrible connections. "But enough about clothes and hairdos and high heels," Palin reiterated at the rally yesterday. "I want to talk about the important things." Cool, so, like, how about that socialism! It’s gonna be heaps of fun under Obama’s reign. Maybe we’ll even get to wear awesome vintage polyester uniforms instead of cruel red pumps made by a tween-targeted brand called Naughty Monkey.