Trend Spotting: Holy Crap This Is Unattractive

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10/02/2008 4:09 PM |

I haven’t been keeping up with the goings-on at Paris Fashion Week. I am full of lame-o excuses. Like: there’s a big rescue-in-the-making going down in swampland of America! And, I’m in such breathless anticipation of tonight’s crazy-train giggle performance courtesy of Biden vs. Palin, I can barely think about anything else. It will be far more exquisite than the five excruciating minutes of Sex…with Mom and Dad I caught on MTV last night.

Well, I managed to pop over to the Guardian to briefly satiate my simmering curiosity. Just in the nick of time! I was promptly greeted with this horrorshow design by Celine. Gasp. I mean, really? What? Can we not get past this nonsense? It is not pretty, it is not even pretty-ugly. The bug-eyed sunnies are ridicululous. Nothing here makes me wish I had money to spend on anything except hobo soup. Therefore, it fails. Vroom, F.