What I’m _____ing: New York Magazine’s 40th Anniversary Issue

10/01/2008 12:36 PM |

One night earlier this week, after finishing the new Nick Hornby book, Slam — which I enjoyed, mostly because it’s like all the other Nick Hornby books — I was looking for something new to read, and so, just as I do every other time I’m looking for something new to read, I picked up Against the Day, read three paragraphs and immediately started looking for something else.

What I found was not a book at all, but better, maybe! Or, shinier, at least. New York Magazine just released their 40th Anniversary issue, and it’s very much worth picking up. They manage to stay away from the self-congratulatory garbage that usually plagues such milestone issues (coughEsquirecough), allowing the city itself to take center stage.

McInerney talks yuppies, Woody Allen talks film (and about people getting dumber every day), Steinem talks gender inequality, Pete Hammil talks about the Brooklyn of his youth. There’s a piece about the birth of hip-hop, a photographic look at how nightlife has changed over the years, a ranking of the greatest NYC athletes, and… and a Very Special installment of the Approval Matrix, which spans 40 years.

My favorite part so far, comes from a joint interview with Debbie Harry and Santogold:

NY Magazine: Do you think that hipsters evolved from punks?

Debbie Harry: Hipsters?

Santogold: It’s what everyone calls young guys now.

Debbie Harry: Really? I just want to say grunge.

Aw, Debbie, please don’t.

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