What Is Happening What Is Happening Please Won’t Someone Tell Me What Is Happening

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10/17/2008 9:00 AM |
  • Tonight there’s a party at Hugs (where there’s SkeeBall!) in memory of the young community activist Craig Murphey, who died riding his bike in Williamsburg this time last year; there’ll be DJs (and SkeeBall!) and raffles to benefit a Fellowship set up through the Coalition Against Hunger.
  • The sanguine Barbet Schroeder will be at BAM tonight, introducing his new film Inju, the Beast in the Shadow (pictured, natch, in which “a French crime writer traveling in Japan to promote his new book, he is plunged into a dangerous world of bondage and violence when he falls for a stunning geisha. Blurring the lines between dream and nightmare, reality and fiction, Schroeder weaves samurai and film noir motifs into a self-reflexive puzzle of a film, which remains enigmatic even after the credits finish rolling,” all of which sounds like it could be either fascinating or terrible, or, more accurately, either fascinating or fascinatingly terrible.
  • You know how there are those Bushwick-area music venues, like the Market Hotel, that are really just large shared apartments? Ever wondered what kind of people live in those apartments? Well, the residents of the aforementioned Market Hotel are the kind of people who’re in a band, The So So Glos, that’s messy and noisy and exuberant and pretty much sounds like the archetypal band that would play in one of those actually-an-apartment venues. Which is exactly what they’re doing tonight, so…