What Is Your Prince Protege Name?

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10/06/2008 10:10 AM |

Ok, let’s get neological because why the hell not. We have all been enormously entertained and then bored with the fun games like What Is Your Porn Star Name and What Is Your Stripper Name and What Would Your Middle Name Be If You Were Your Pet in the House You Gew Up In, or whatever, or those weird Web 2.You programs for your Hockey Mom Name or whatever.

But, of course, my favorite Name Generator is not some online application or dinner party rubric. No, my favorite name generator is Prince, who turned “Denise Matthews” into “Vanity”, Patricia Kotero into “Apollonia”, and Tara Leigh Patrick into “Carmen Electra.” In names as in all things, Prince is a genius.

So, let’s play, What Is Your Prince Protege Name?

I came up with this at a bar recently and was surprised at how well it worked: Your Prince Protege Name is your zodiac sign, and your first car.

So, my Prince Protege Name is “Gemini Integra.”

Sharon’s Prince Protege Name, she informs me, is “Pisces Spirit.”

Mike Conklin’s Prince Protege Name is “Scorpio Tempo.”

There can be variations – I can see for instance choosing between make and model, and between sign and symbol. (If you are “Sagittarius Oldsmobile,” for instance, you can rechristen yourself as “Archer Cutlass Ciera.”)

I hope someday to meet a “Taurus Taurus.”

What is your Prince Protege Name, please share I’m lonely.

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