Your CMJ Weekend

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10/24/2008 4:15 PM |

Come to our party tomorrow, maybe. It’s from 1 to 4 in the afternoon, at Mason Dixon (they have a mechanical bull!), and there’ll be brunch and cheap screwdrivers and mimosas, and sets from La Strada and Royal Bangs and Army Navy. And then when it’s over you’ll already be on the L.E.S., where much of the remainder of CMJ is, and can maybe do something fun like, I would say, go over to Bowery Ballroom for the early show (“early” being I guess like 7:45) to see Little Jackie.

Little Jackie is a Brooklyn-based hip-hop duo (she raps, he DJs) who work off of a base of appealingly retro block-party soul samples, they basically sound the way the video for “Doo Wop (That Thing)” looks, and she, Jackie I guess, is kind of hilarious, telling us that damn right “the world should revolve around me” (“There’s only one me in the galaxy, I am an endangered species”), or, especially, narrating the old-school pastiche “The Stoop,” which is indeed about, as the chorus says, “sitting on the stoop in Bed-Stuy”, and fun Bed-Stuy things like going to the deli for beer and getting Corona because that’s all they have. (I would also have accepted: Beck’s; and various flavors of Shandy Carib.) And then I suppose if you haven’t seen Vivian Girls or Crystal Stilts this week then they’ll probably end up like busking on the subway as you wait for your train home, because as I understand it’s impossible not to seem them this CMJ.