Your Weekend, Doggone It

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10/03/2008 3:28 PM |

Film Forum has just kicked off a weeklong double feature series dedicated to the Italian (mostly) comic postwar star Alberto Sordi. I love him in Fellini’s all-the-young-dudes reminiscence I vitelloni, his smalltown big-galoot charisma disguising spiritual hunger as healthy appetites. It plays today and tomorrow with Fellini’s second feature, the metacinematic rom-com The White Shiek (pictured), starring Albertone as the titular chubby Valentino; the series continues through next Thursday with a fair number of harder-to-see-than-they-should-be offerings from Mario Monicelli, Dino Risi, et cetera. Also today and tomorrow, MoMA’s “Looking at Music” series continues with Fully Awake: Black Mountain College Experience, a collage-and-interview portrait of the hippy-dippy commune school that existed in North Carolina from the 30s to the 50s, and gave the world Bob Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, Arthur Penn, Cage/Cunnigham and poetry influenced by Robert Creeley.

And of course, the 34th annual (really? that many?) Atlantic Antic, which is like your average street fair with vendors and walking, only there’s, you know, live music and lots of food and pony rides. (Pony rides, people. Are you not excited?) And it extends for miles. (From the Atlantic Center to the BQE, in fact. Start at the end where all the trains are, and end at the end where all the bars are.)