Your Weekend (Now and Later): BAM’s Next Wave Festival

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10/10/2008 1:00 PM |

The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival is happening right now, having opened last week with A Quarreling Pair, and through mid-December it will continue to feature short runs of new and touring performances, and continue to be the kind of thing that you always read descriptions of and think, wow, this theater/performance art/dance/music/”noveau cirque”/multimedia piece sounds really cool, and the stills look great, I should really be the kind of person who goes to hip-high culture events like this I bet the audiences are really good-looking and aren’t there a lot of good restaurants around BAM for making a night of it.

And indeed there are, and they are, and you should at least look at the program to see what’s there for you (there would, given the idiosyncrasy of the program, seemingly be something for everyone, plus period film screenings, artist talks and literary events). This weekend’s event is the monologue-with-projections Sunken Red (pictured), about trauma and forgetting, among other things; next weekend is an Icelandic production of the obsessional German drama Woyzeck that takes place mostly underwater, and so on and so on.