Your Weekend, So Packed with Activity You Will Look Like the Great Czech Long-Distance Runner Emik Zátopek (Pictured) by the End of It

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10/31/2008 4:51 PM |

Vote, first of all — the NYC Board of Elections has announced extended hours for early in-person absentee voting, until 9pm tonight (I will be voting in my Ayers costume) and during the day on Saturday and Sunday. So, there’s that.

There is also: do your part to get out the vote and canvass in swing states, please.

It’s also going to still sorta be Halloween tomorrow night, especially at Glasslands, where several bands will dress up as other bands, which actually means play covers (the not particularly googleable Color TV as the Jesus and Mary Chain; Kocho-Bi-Sexual as Mötley Crüe; The Library Is On Fire as Nirvana; and maybe one or two other things). And wherever you go please remember to set your clocks (that you carry around with you I guess) back an hour at 2am, so as to drink for an extra hour.

Also: it’s the opera, dummy! Did you know Brooklyn has a Repertory Opera? It kinda does. And it’s doing matinees of The Marriage of Figaro at the Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope the next three weekends, and I think that’s kinda awesome.

And lastly, the Marathon is this weekend (wheelchair races starting around 8:30; women’s race at 9:10, everyone else at 9:40). Standing outside the route watching old people hand out bananas to whoever wants one is highly recommended.