But If It Wasn’t for the Bronx…

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11/14/2008 11:30 AM |

“Barely cooled off from all the burning, the cellblock-bare, Krylon-coated South Bronx of Charlie Ahearn’s Wild Style is the kind of urban wilderness spoken nostalgically of by people who only moved here post-Giuliani. It’s the city as blank canvas — or maybe metal-sided 6 Train, to be tagged in Day-Glo bubble letters — from which springs graffiti and hip-hop culture, represented by Ahearn’s friends Lee Quinones and Fab 5 Freddy.”

And I go on and on in such a fashion for a little longer, in discussing the vital, shoestring city symphony Wild Style, which plays at Film Forum tonight through next Thursday, every night at 10pm. And which, of course, you should see.

Also at Film Forum today and for the next week…

There’s a series of documentaries by the wandering ethnomusicologist
Les Blank, on blues and zydeco and polka — to say nothing of tea,
cigarettes, gumbo, and, well, shoes, in the case of Werner Herzog.
Double features (or, really, given how most of his documentaries are
short and paired up, triple and quadruple features) galore.