Dailies Vs. Alt-weeklies, According to Dan Savage

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11/12/2008 5:30 PM |

In his “So What Do You Do” Q&A feature on Mediabistro today, The Stranger editor and sexytime columnist Dan Savage says dailies are sinking family style Disney cruise ships for Olds:

Alt-weeklies are really just about advocacy journalism and
truth-telling, and they engage in arguments and throw bombs in the way
that daily papers can’t allow themselves to. I mean, daily newspapers
all need to put “fuck” in a headline above the fold one day — it’ll
solve all their problems. That’s my prescription. And then in one fell
swoop they’ll get rid of all those 80-year-old subscribers who won’t
let them drop “Blondie.” Catering to the 80-year-olds? Where’s that
getting newspapers? Making sure there’s nothing in your paper that’s
inappropriate for an eighty-year-old to read?

Long live alt-weeklies, in theory, apparently, the only media dog incapable of sleepwalking into economic extinction.