Everyone’s An Author: Ivanka Trump

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11/21/2008 12:30 PM |

Long live the celebrity book deal! The whimsical hummingbirds who spin the sun-dappled, sparkling web of gossip behind Page Six bring the news that Ivanka Trump, a really really pretty, really really ridiculously rich young lady, is going to write a book! For Simon Spotlight Entertainment. What will it be about? Not her boyfriend. Not how she got her job, or at least, not specifically. Not how she gets her hair so straight and shiny. It will be motivational! Which is like the unisex version of self-help:

My father always impressed upon me the idea that America is a
meritocracy and that you must work for everything you get,” Ivanka said
in a statement, adding that she hopes to share a “positive perspective
with the women of my generation.”

Yes, it’s so true, this meritocracy thingie… it’s practically jumping right out of that photo, no? Happy writing, Ivanka. We hope your first draft flows effortlessly onto the page.