Everyone’s An Author: Sarah Silverman’s Book of “Comedic Essays”

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11/14/2008 10:00 AM |

End of day yesterday, the Observer reported that the auction for Sarah Silverman’s book ended, with Harper Collins’s submission of a bid “in the neighborhood of $2.5 million dollars.” Editors at three Harper Collins imprints are jonesin’ for the chance to publish Silverman’s musings, so much so that Silverman and her agent might just come in and meet-and-greet with all of them before she makes her choice. Also noteable:

Ms. Silverman’s book, by the way, will be a collection of comedic
essays, just like the Tina Fey book that Endeavor agent Richard Abate
recently sold to Little, Brown
for a reported $6 million. Apparently that’s actually how Mr. Strone
described the Silverman project to publishers: “Just like Tina Fey.”

Trendz. They happen so fast. Of course, Silverman wasn’t going to get PAID $6 million like Tina. That only happens when you’re a dead ringer for an ill-fated Republican Veep candidate. Sorry, Sarah.

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