John Updike: Bringing Bad Sexxy Back

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11/26/2008 12:00 PM |

Eww, it’s gross just writing headlines like that, but go ahead and look at this snippet of pre-Thanksgiving awkward literary gossip: The Literary Review has given John Updike a lifetime achievement award for writing bad sex, or good sex, depending.

The 76-year-old novelist was a finalist for the official Bad Sex in Fiction prize. The editors entered him based on his description of “an explosive oral encounter in his
latest book, ”The Widows of Eastwick,” according to the Times. He lost to British writer
Rachel Johnson.

Writing a heart-racey literary love scene is not simple task any longer, as previously documented.

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  • Bronislawski’s take on writing sex scenes is hilarious. And too true. As to Updike… Well, with the name like that, what do you expect?