Know Your Local Candidates

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11/03/2008 2:00 PM |

Here, on your NYC Board of Elections website, is a tentative list of all the candidates, in all the races, in all the counties, in New York City. Take a look, please — so much of what actually, you know, affects your life happens on the local or state level, so you maybe owe it to yourself to familiarize yourself with the candidates in your district’s races, for State Senate and City Council and Town Crier and Town Drunk and, hell, Congress? Not that the Republicans mounting halfhearted challenges against Democratic incumbents in Brooklyn are even Googleable, but, you know, Know Your Elected Officials, it’s kind of a civic responsibility I think.

POP QUIZ! Who is that gross old dude, and why is his picture on this post? Answers in the comments; winner gets nothing but pride.

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