Lit Gossip: Nate Silver, Sarah Silverman, and…Jodi Sweetin?

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11/19/2008 3:30 PM |
Exciting and hilarious new book deals! Somewhere, Harold Bloom is projectile vomiting over Publisher’s Lunch.

News broke of Nate Silver’s uber-pricey two-book deal about sexy, hot numbers last week, but now we know it was neatly pitched as “a Freakonomics-style guide to the mechanics of electoral politics.” He could have said it was about poop and still have been rolling around in gold coins.

Sarah Silverman officially got Harper to buy her conceptual tome of “comedic essays” by riding on Tina Fey’s luxurious coattails.

And now it’s come to our attention that Full House child star and former meth addict Jodie Sweetin sold Wild Card, her memoir about “growing up on the set of the hit TV show, her downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse that began when the show ended, and her path to sobriety,” to Simon Spotlight Entertainment. It’s out in 2009. And yes, that is a slightly dated picture of her being hugged from behind by Jason Whaler of Laguna Beach. Young hearts.